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Matthew Hoffman

Big Ways Platforms Are Optimizing Small Businesses

Special Guest

Matthew Hoffman

Division President of Kigo

Episode 10

Check out Matthew Hoffman's expert insights about how to attract SMBs and grow their businesses alongside your platform.


EP. 10

Matthew Hoffman

Division President of Kigo

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About Us

Marketplace platforms have become the trendsetters of modern day eCommerce, transforming the way we live, work, and pay. From Airbnb to Amazon, platforms are forging progressive mindsets, creating new demands, breaking growth records and becoming a magnet for the best business minds in the world. Platform Players glorifies the turbulent and exhilarating experiences of marketplace pioneers, tapping into the unique essences of their personal stories and finding the core of their strategies, tactics, and remarkable mindsets. Hosted by Yapstone’s Chief Revenue Officer, Kurt Bilafer, Platform Players personifies the gripping, poignant voice of the marketplace revolution.

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